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    12 Mar 2013

    Thought it was about time I did another Starkid cover seeing as AVPSY is released on Friday! So here is ‘Even Though’ from MAMD…

    13 Nov 2012

    Ask Superhouse


    So if you like Glee, Starkid, Merlin, Dr Who, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The New Normal, Modern Family, Harry Potter, Twilight…….whatever it may be, send us an ask or just drop by and say hi.

    We have taken inspiration from blogs like asktheanderbros and decided to create our very own SUPERHOUSE blog. It will be funny, heartfelt, silly but hopefully very entertaining!

    So send in your questions or challenges for SUPERHOUSE, and follow us for what promises to be a hilarious new blog.


    29 Aug 2012

    Can I be them please?

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    27 Aug 2012


    StarKid FlashMob UK’s First Sing Through

    Wow! Our members sounded so amazing the first time they got together to sing through the medley mashup for the flashmob routine.

    OH MY DEAD WIZARD GOD! HOW GOOD DO WE SOUND? I literally got chills listening to this. Considering this was the FIRST time we’d sang together, the harmonies are incredible. So proud right now. Just wow!!

    Play count: 559

    27 Aug 2012

    Me and my beautiful friend Vee have done a cover of one of my favourite duets from Team Starkid - The Way I do from Starship.

    Check it out :)

    26 Aug 2012

    Starkid Flashmob Splashmob  - 25th August 2012, Trafalgar Square, London, UK

    This is what me and my friends get up to on a weekend. We did a flashmob for Team Starkid in London in a thunderstorm, but it was so much fun. Never been so soaked in all my life but I loved every minute of it. The harmonies sound so so good and you should be able to spot me in the dress at the front (It wasnt raining when I left the house!) I also sing the bit in the middle (Wait, dont go….)

    Enjoy :)

    21 Aug 2012

    A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year -  looks so freakin good! I can’t wait to see it, they have put so much work into it and it just looks incredible! Darren looks adorable in his jumper, it’s weird not seeing the curls!! Seriously though I admire them so so much for putting this together in such a short time. Amazing!

    (I dont think these count as spoilers as they don’t give away anything in the way of new castings and plot)

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    15 Aug 2012

    I just dont understand how someone so big now in the acting world can still be so humble and down to earth. So proud to say I’m a fan of his. He is such an inspiration to our generation.

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    6 Aug 2012

    Dylan Saunders and I :)

I’ve waited 3 years to meet this incredibly talented guy. One down, loads more Starkids to go lol

    Dylan Saunders and I :) I’ve waited 3 years to meet this incredibly talented guy. One down, loads more Starkids to go lol

    6 Aug 2012

    So I just met Dylan Saunders which was amazing! He’s so freaking talented i was in awe! Oh and i may have given him my album :) he looked genuinely excited about it and the fact I’d covered a Starkid song. When I told him there was a Darren one too, he was like ‘oh my god I’m seeing him in three days I’ll show him!’

    Erm…..ok…lol I love him tho he’s so lovely!

    30 Jul 2012

    So me and my brother decided to do a cover of ‘The Dynamic Duet’ from Starkid’s Holy Musical B@man. It’s the first time he’s recorded his voice. What do you guys think? He’s pretty good right?

    22 Jul 2012

    So I was voted to sing one of the solos for the UK Starkid flashmob……. wow i’m so honoured you guys would take time to vote for me. I just wanna say a massive thank you to those that did and I hope I do you proud. 

    You guys are amazing :) 

    14 Jul 2012

    My cover of the Darren Criss song - Don’t You.

    I love this song and the guitar is being played by my beautiful friend Moa Bergstrom. I hope you like it :) 


    13 Jul 2012

    Lauren Lopez - Such a versatile and talented actress. I respect her so much. Amazing!

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    11 Jul 2012

    These people make me believe in the impossible:Darren CrissCurt MegaTeam Starkid 

    These people make me believe in the impossible:

    Darren Criss
    Curt Mega
    Team Starkid