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    27 Mar 2014

    So I kinda have pretty bad conjunctivitis right now in one eye. Things I have tried, to get rid of it with include:

    - eye drops

    - tea bag pressed on it

    - pouring cold tea in my eye

    - mixing honey with water and pouring it in my eye

    - putting soap IN my eye

    - cold compress

    - more eye drops

    Like gimme a break here, I work in a hotel as the first point of contact. I CANT have a face like Hermione just shot a spell at my eyeball

    5 Dec 2013


    27 Oct 2013

    Me like all the time

    Me like all the time

    22 Oct 2013

    Fitting for a great man. Kinda relevant to Cory too #sad #poetry #ripcory #rip

    Fitting for a great man. Kinda relevant to Cory too #sad #poetry #ripcory #rip

    24 Jun 2013

    Dear Daddy…..clip from our concert #singing #alwayslove #music #sad #instavideo

    Dear Daddy…..clip from our concert #singing #alwayslove #music #sad #instavideo

    25 May 2013

    15 Apr 2013

    22 Mar 2013

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    20 Mar 2013


    So I’m looking to do a bit of research. If you’ve been bullied or have been a bully, tell me your story.

    I want to know how you felt, how people reacted, what you think could have been done……everything you want to tell me. I’m looking into as many forms of bullying as I can: cyber bullying, gay bullying, bullying in the work place………anything.

    Inbox me, I’m not here to judge, just research for a new project. You can submit anonymously here. No one else will see these, just me. It’s going to be for a hard hitting play that I’m putting on in London, to show people that something small that you do, can affect others in a big way, and you may not see it as bullying, but it is. It’s an eye opening new drama, but I need as much real and honest research as I can get.


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    12 Mar 2013

    Let it hurt…late night problems


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    24 Feb 2013

    Thank you New Normal and Frankenweenie for reminding me of the heartache of losing my dogs. Now i’m just sat in tears because I miss them so much, and it kills me that I can’t even be with my new dog as I moved away. I just…….

    22 Jan 2013

    1 Dec 2012