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    21 Sep 2013

    My Grammy’s performance is nearly at 1000 views :) This makes me happy!

    15 Aug 2013

    So I decided to try a different style to my usual covers. I usually sing musical theatre or ‘safe’ songs so I thought I’d try something more vocally fluid, or vocally demanding.

    Here is a cover of my favourite Emeli Sande song, please share if you like it. 

    28 May 2013

    Annnd another Disney cover…..this time from Tangled. I like character songs :)

    26 May 2013

    I dont use my youtube much so thought I’d do a few Disney covers over the next few days, just for a bit of fun.

    Here’s ‘Feed the Birds’ 

    14 May 2013

    Michelle Cox - You

    I’m very excited to bring you my first music video for what was my very first original song that I co-wrote with Chris Scott. A friend offered to shoot a video so here it is. This song is for my family, friends and mentors who have never given up on me and who always ‘catch me when I fall’……this is for you guys. What do you think?

    23 Dec 2012

    One of the songs I sang today for the elderly people in my local nursing home, so thought I’d post the video here from when I recorded it early this year. It’s possibly one of my favourite Christmas songs of all time.

    9 Dec 2012

    Spread Love - My first published original song.

    Inspired by the wisdom of Mia Von Glitz, this song reiterates that we should all ‘Spread Love’. Please let me know what you think. I shall record an audio version in the next week or so ready for download.

    Please no hate. Im just a songwriter who was inspired by a young woman’s words. 

    2 Dec 2012

    A friend asked me to cover ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay so here it is. I hope you like it :)

    Download link to a recorded version - here

    2 Dec 2012

    For the Klaine fans….

    22 Nov 2012

    I just found this and it made me smile. My guitaring still sucks but can certainly see how I’ve improved, and I’m getting better at playing and singing together :)

    7 Nov 2012

    Havent done one for a while so thought I’d record another Starkid Cover. This song I’ve wanted to do for a while but its such an iconic Starkid song that frankly it scared me (I’m no Darren Criss or Jamie). But here it is, take a listen, see what you think.

    4 Oct 2012

    Too hard to say goodbye

    Short Klaine drabble set after their Skype session from last weeks Glee in which Blaine decides he needs to let Kurt go. Also I recorded the song, but it would be Blaine singing it to Kurt. Prepare for heartache.

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    7 Sep 2012

    A good friend of mine, who I have been dying to sing with for ages now, has covered a song with me! This is our cover of the ‘Elephant Love Medley’ from the film ‘Moulin Rouge' with my good friend AllyRae Bayliss.


    3 Sep 2012


    The ultimate Warbler Mashup. This is me singing over 8 Warbler songs in one great mashup.

    Reblogging because I’m quite proud of my Warbler Mashup and think you should have a listen to it :)

    Download Link 

    Its time I brought the Warblers Mashup back!

    24 Aug 2012

    So here’s a cover of me singing the Bob Dylan song (Later covered by Adele) ‘To Make You Feel My Love’

    Would be great to hear what you think :)