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    18 Apr 2014

    I think everyone can relate to this song. I adore Rascal Flatts, they have this way of always singing about how I’m feeling.

    Sometimes….you just need a little home.

    (P.s. Sorry I suck at guitar, but hopefully you like the song anyway)

    15 Apr 2014

    In honour of Book of Mormon winning at the Oliviers I decided to do a cover of one of the songs. If you havent seen the show yet, you really should it’s hilarious!

    5 Apr 2014

    This is what I was supposed to sing on Broadway but we changed it last minute as it didnt fit with the theme of the show. See what you think, I’m on the fence about this one.

    5 Mar 2014

    Another performance from my Off-Broadway show. This is ‘For Good’ from Wicked feat. a lovely girl called Joana from Brazil.

    4 Mar 2014

    Here is the performance from my Off-Broadway debut in New York this week. Such a dream come true. Please take a look and share if you like it

    10 Feb 2014

    If you were a Twilight fan, then you should know this song. I decided to cover it because it’s gorgeous, but I changed the arrangement slightly. Hope you like it :)

    10 Feb 2014

    Finally gave in and done a One Direction cover for my one song a day challenge. Please have a listen, I decided to make my own backing and arrangement so I tried playing guitar (bare in mind I’m self taught and never practise lol)

    9 Feb 2014

    Part of my one song a day challenge. A cover of the Rascal Flatts song ‘Bless the Broken Road’

    Play count: 20

    20 Jan 2014

    Today’s entry: A Meatloaf classic. I absolutely love his music and have wanted to cover his stuff for a very long time so I’m happy I did this!! Please check it out and share if you like.

    19 Jan 2014

    Today’s ‘One Song a Day’ is something a little different for me. Please check it out.

    8 Jan 2014

    My 'One Song a Day' project is going well. Thought I’d do something different - a dance song. Haven’t managed to upload all my songs yet but will get round to it. In the meantime, please check out this dance song I’ve done.

    It’s originally a song by Jurgen Vries feat. CMC (AKA Charlotte Church)

    25 Sep 2013

    Hey look how adorable this is! I love this boy so much :)

    21 Sep 2013

    My Grammy’s performance is nearly at 1000 views :) This makes me happy!

    20 Sep 2013

    New photoshoot :)


    12 Sep 2013

    "Sometimes you just need a little home"

    A cover of one of my favourite Rascal Flatts songs. The lyrics are so relevant to me, like all the time. I know I suck at guitar but I’m still teaching myself.

    Reblog if you like it :)