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    5 Nov 2012

    Poem: A Voice in the Crowd


    by Curt Mega

    Fame is not my passion
    Celebrity is not my sight
    The work is the thing that I long
    To do and what drives me to fight

    For relevance in this sea of dreamers
    To not be completely drowned out
    To make a sound that can be heard
    To raise my voice above the crowd

    Tomorrow brings the struggle
    As it does every single day
    To not become wholly obsolete
    And to not just silently fade away

    So put my hands to work
    For I have a voice to speak
    And I have a mind to do
    Whatever you ask of me

    All I ask is that you ask
    Irrelevance is my greatest fear
    Because I can do more than you know
    If you’d only notice that I’m here

    Poem © Curtis Lawrence Mega

    This is why I respect Curt so much. People often ask me why he’s my mentor, or why I look up to him so much when he’s actually younger than me, but here’s the thing. Everything he writes, is exactly how I feel. I’m sure most actors feel the same but he has a way of just perfectly describing the struggle of an actor. Knowing he feels the same way as me fills me with hope and determination. He never discourages people, never makes me feel like I should find a new dream. He’s positive and determined and damn hard working. He takes time to share his thoughts and his journey with his fans and friends and honestly I can’t think of a better person to look up to. An incredible young man whom I’m proud to call a friend.

    19 Jul 2012

    “I don’t want to be famous, I want to be successful. I want to have an accomplished career filled with a variety of roles and challenges. I want to create and inspire others to create. Fame is not a goal for me. Yes I want to be recognised, but recognised for what I have achieved. I have so many big dreams, many would say are unrealistic, but anything is possible if you want and work for it hard enough. Everyday I am inspired and motivated by the people around me. People I communicate with, be it actors, friends, strangers. You can find hope and encouragement in everyday life, you just have to open your eyes and broaden your mind. Think positive, BE positive.”
    — Michelle Cox

    28 Jun 2012

    “I think that there is definitely a misconception of what “fame” means. For example, seeing someone of TV and assuming what that may mean their life is like when in reality it’s quite like everyone else’s. Just trying to get by and balance that with pursuing what you love. I think people sometimes tend to assume it’s all red carpets and premieres when in reality it’s working side jobs and going to class and competing with thousands of others for one or two available jobs which, to me, is part of the process. It’s earned. But there’s definitely an idea that if you were ever on TV, you’ve basically “made it” which is not the case. There’s much work to be done before you get to a level of complete stability with your craft’. It does help (having had a role, to get other opportunities from it)  but it doesn’t guarantee anything and most productions want big names to be attached to their projects so it’s about being persistent and patient enough to earn the trust to finally be given bigger opportunities. The thing with acting is that while you’re working, it’s great but then that job goes away, you have to fill in the gap until the next job or the same job comes back.’”
    — Curt Mega

    23 Apr 2012

    “I thought being an actor meant being famous. But, most actors aren’t recognizable. It’s funny. I watch TV in a whole new way now. Like, I watch a show and I see the person who has 3 lines on Law and Order and I think, “Their family is gathered around the TV flipping out right now. I bet that was a huge deal for that person!” There are so many actors that make a living by doing support work on shows. I was that person for many years.For me to stay in this business, it had to be okay if I was never recognized. I learned that I loved the craft of acting more than the idea of being famous.”

    Jenna Fischer (via curtismega)

    This is exactly what I do, watch the people who don’t have many lines. I’m also the person who sits and watches my films/tv shows etc and says ‘There’s me!’
    I know one day I will have a big break, but until that time, you just have to keep working hard and getting as much experience on screen as you can. 

    12 Dec 2011

    Chasing Tomorrow

    Chasing Tomorrow - by Curt Mega

    Fame is a fleeting game

    One that almost everyone will lose

    Who chases after it’s promises

    To stand in someone else’s shoes

    My place is here in this present time

    Though I may not quite see the way

    Tomorrow’s journey is tomorrow

    This is the moment… here, today. 

    5 Dec 2011

    “The gift of being an actor is NOT fame. It’s the gift of communication. It’s a responsibility and a gift to inspire & help others.”
    — Curt Mega