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    Never EVER let anyone tell you “it’s not worth chasing your dreams”. Things have happened to me over the last few weeks that were beyond my wildest dreams. If you work hard, have faith in yourself and confidence in your ability, the rest will fall into place. It might not happen straight away, but never give up. Never stop dreaming

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    Have you always wanted to do something, a strong intent and feeling that keeps arising, coming from deep inside your heart? Yet you know it is not practical, it is not safe. Your family, friends, even your loved ones - oh, the despair! - look askance and persuade you not to do it. Just be content with what you have. Yet you know deep in your heart you are not doing yourselfand the world justice if you do not pursue your dream. 

    Just go ahead and do it. You know it is right if you feel calm, peaceful and happy doing it. You also know it is right if it brings good to yourself and others, and does not bring harm to yourself and others. 

    What is stopping you now - fear of failure? Fear of the unknown? Supposedly yours is a brazen dream. That will not bring any “economic value”. That entails risks and unknown results. Why give up a comfortable lifestyle and successful career for it?

    I will tell you why. Because when you pursue your dream and pour your utmost, you will not lose anything, yet have a lot to gain. Even if it results in failure, you have learnt. You have gain some skills, experience something new, and have a bit more wisdom. 

    Have faith in yourself. Just do it. 

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    Poem: Maybe Not Today


    Maybe Not Today
    by Curt Mega

    I’ll make it there
    Though maybe not today
    Maybe not tomorrow
    Perhaps it’s far away

    The distance won’t stop me
    The terrain won’t delay
    I’ll get there in the right time
    Though maybe not today

    Poem © Curt Mega. Published May 13th, 2012

    He always has a knack of writing exactly how I’m feeling. I guess because we’re both on the same path :) I’m so glad I get to share his journey and mine with him.

    (Source: curtmega)

    29 Apr 2012

    Starkid are the kind of people who give me hope of that one day I’ll be on that stage inspiring people. They remind me to not give up.

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