Singer, Actress, Hopeless Dreamer

    16 May 2012

    “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

    26 Jan 2012

    When you’re feeling down….

    Stop. Look down at your hands. Look how they work, how they move, how you don’t even have to be conscious of how they move to make them move. Then take a breath. Realize that you are alive. You are a living being with your own choices, your own will and your own soul. You have your own unique dreams, your own unique style, your own real personality. You have emotions. You feel for other beings… and they feel for you.

    You have power.You are powerful, and you can change the lives of those around you if you wish. You can leave an impact on this earth. Now go do it. Stop feeling bad for yourself and become a role model for others. Show them you are confident in your abilities. Show them you are as much of a human as they are. Show them that you are alive.

    4 Dec 2011


    Here have my heart and soul with this video.

    This video maybe will get two or three notes and they will all be from my friends but I still needed to do this. I’m not doing this so you could feel sorry for me. I did it in hope I can help someone. Here are things I’ve never told anyone, not even my best friends. This is the most vulnerable I will ever let anyone see me. 

    I really do trust you guys. Please don’t break me down.

    This is one of my dearest friends, so young but wise beyond her years. I love her so much, it takes so much courage to do a video like this.

    It gets better guys