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    12 Dec 2011

    Can you help?

    Can I ask everyone a favour? Can you take a pic of yourself holding up a piece of paper with one of your insecurities on or just something that you’re proud of. I need some people to put on screen for our Born This Way video to play during the Glee show! (E.G. I could hold up a card saying ‘insecure’…we dont have to see your face if you dont want to)  - please send them to


    31 Jul 2011

    Big Audition tomorrow

    Tomorrow I venture to the big bad city (London) and audition for a big feature Bollywood film. My first featured part on a big film so I’m incredibly nervous!!  But it’s nice to have been invited to audition as the casting director had seen me in another film.

    It’s times like these when you philosophise about your choices and where they lead you, and indeed make you reflect on whether you have the strength of your convictions.  Not many people realise that one of my biggest insecurities is my confidence in my ability. With singing I have never doubted that I am at least competent or else I wouldnt have the highest singing grade under my belt. But with acting it’s so much more difficult. You have to bare your soul, be prepared to look like the idiot once in a while, be vulnerable. But this is what excites me as an actor. Through acting I have learnt so much about myself and know this will continue into my career.

    So fingers crossed for tomorrow, and remember

    You can’t catch a cub without going into the tiger’s den.’ -Chinese Proverbs

    Peace Out xx