Singer, Actress, Hopeless Dreamer

    8 Jun 2013

    14 Apr 2013

    “It might seem cliché, but you really shouldn’t ever give up. Giving up gives you a 0% chance of success. But if you keep trying, you’re always giving yourself a chance to succeed, but if you fail, that’s okay, because at least you tried, and you know you didn’t put yourself in the worse position of regretting not trying at all”

    29 Jan 2013

    14 Nov 2012

    28 Apr 2012

    29 Dec 2011

    I really really wish I had family who were as supportive as you guys. It’s really starting to get me down. My brother particularly keeps saying ‘When are you going to give up this fantasy and get a ‘real’ job’ and things like ‘You’re living in a dream world, grow up’

    How do you keep on to your dreams when people knock you down at every turn? Its so hard, and disheartening ;( 

    I just don’t know if I can do it anymore ;(