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    26 Jul 2014

    This is a happy post. This guy makes me happy :) He’s wise beyond his years, and never sugarcoats the hard reality of being a professional actor. 

    23 Jul 2014

    G4…The weekend of dreams

    Thought I’d write a little summary of this weekends antics at the Glee convention in London.

    So firstly the guests were Darren Criss, Curt Mega, Dominic Barnes, Max Adler (all from Glee) and Dylan Saunders, Joe Moses, Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter, Brant Cox and Jeff Blim (all from Team Starkid). I was apprehensive about bringing together two fandoms that in the past have clashed, but boy was I wrong. The atmosphere the whole weekend was magical. Friday night after the opening ceremony, we had a meet and greet with all the guests, where we sat at a table, and the guests in turn would come and talk to us. I asked Max if he’d had chance to listen to my album I gave him 2 years ago and to my utter astonishment, he told me he still had it in his car. He said he has a cd changer and when he’s picking a CD in his car, he sees my face. It’s one of his favourite albums. Then Dylan told me he remembered me giving him the album too, and he had played it in the Watsky tour van and loved it. Joe Moses I told him I had been involved in the ‘Big White Van’ song from ‘Buffering’ and he beamed and said he’d loved that in the series. Darren was the last to arrive (Very late to the party) and I finally got to tell him (my hero and biggest inspiration) that I’d written a song for Mia because she was amazing and that she’d loved it and he said he’d ask her about it when he got back, and thanked me for doing it. I then told him that because of him, I’d met my best friends and he’d inadvertently changed my life and he was like ‘ahhh my plan is working!! Well thank you’ I then gave him my album and he said ‘who’s this hotty totty?’ which made me smile. I showed him I’d covered one of his songs and he grinned and said ‘oh wow awesome I cant wait to listen to this!!’ 
    So that was something to tick off my bucket list… Darren Criss and thank him.

    Saturday was cool, got to chat with all the guests in the gold exclusive meet and greets. Brant kept shouting ‘Cox!’ whenever he saw me. We kept joking saying ‘we’re a great pair of Cox. You’re my fellow Cox, Cox together!’ LOL Finally had my photo with Darren which was a dream come true. He really does live up to his impeccable reputation with fans. He then did an acoustic gig in the evening which, tho seating was badly organised, turned out to be the greatest gig of my life. He was so happy he could play Starkid songs and old Darren songs, his face was just alight with happiness. The starkids and warbler boys sang with him which was so special. The whole gig was just phenomenal! I’ve never felt such unity in a room as I did that night. Afterwards, I cosplayed as Elsa and had SO MANY people take photos and say my cosplay was awesome, which made me happy. Another great day!

    Sunday I got autographs from everyone. Joey was so happy he got to sign in my autograph book next to Sir Patrick Stewart. Then Curt signed, and as I was chatting to him, he signed my cousin’s poster (Sarah) and he wrote ‘To Michelle’ on it, then realised his mistake, crossed it out and wrote ‘and by Michelle I mean Sarah’. Haha! Dom then did the same and wrote ‘to Michelle’ on hers. Oh boys! The talks were hilarious, the best moment being when Curt asked me to explain what ‘bumming’ was in the UK (#awkward!!) and me telling the audience what Dom was like when he saw Beyonce at the Grammys with me last year!! We then had meet and greets again and I got to sit and really talk to Max about my new musical (Intesa - based on the untold stories of bullying) and he was super excited to hear me perform in the talent show that night. I also got to talk to the Starkids about our show and of course to Curt (whom I might add never ceases to amaze me with how genuinely interested he is in what I’m doing. He’s the reason I started creating my own material). I then had to dash off to soundcheck for the show. It wasnt a great sound from me, so that made me so scared for the show itself. But I needn’t have worried, because as I finished my song, I looked out to the audience and judges, and they had tears in their eyes. I had pulled it off. I’d sang an original song, from our show, and told the story of that character in 2 minutes. To my utter astonishment, I won the talent show!! I never in a millions years expected to win as the talent level was so high this year. Pat Brady (agent to Starkid and Darren) then posted on my facebook saying ‘You rocked and that’s coming from the manager of Darren Criss and Team Starkid’ as she’d been in the audience. I cried. What praise! Then as I got up to hug the guests, they each told me how incredible the song was and that I’d acted and performed it with such passion that they were moved. Max said ‘Man I’m selling your album on ebay now, you’re gonna be a huge star! The pride in Curt and Dom’s faces…I shall never forget. These guys, I’ve known a few years and we’re good friends, not just a fan and to see their faces nearly broke me. I’d done them proud and thats all I could ask for. After the talent show, I came back into the hall and everyone was singing ‘Let it go’ from Frozen and suddenly I had a mic thrust into my face and was made to sing it in front of the 600 attendees. Talk about on the spot! But seriously what an atmosphere that was! To end the night, we sang karaoke and Curt invited me on stage for the long awaited #megacox duet (our epic bromance ship name) where we sang ‘As long as you’re mine’ from wicked and honestly, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been. Another bucket list entry ticked off. I hope one day I can sing with him in a show!!

    To most, they wont understand most of this, or why its so important to me. But some really big life goals were achieved this weekend. I met my hero, I sang with my inspiration and friend and I partied with some of the most supportive and friendly people in the world. I really am so lucky, and this weekend has reaffirmed it. I’m filled with renewed passion and inspiration for Intesa (my show) and can’t wait to show it to the world, having heard the incredible feedback from the song.

    I love you G4 family, and thank you for helping make my dreams come true, and supporting me, and for loving the song, and you’re all amazing. I love you all.

    Michelle x

    25 Jun 2014

    We’re so cool #megacox

    We’re so cool #megacox

    1 Jan 2014

    Goodbye 2013

    2013 has been a year full of massive highs and epic lows but despite it all, I’ve come out of it stronger. I met some of the most incredible people this year, a lot of whom I met in LA.

    LA was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had. I got to sing at the Grammy’s pre-show party, on the rooftop of the iconic Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. It was magical and the whole trip was a dream come true thanks to the amazing people I met and friends I made. Dominic, Curt, Annie, Nicole, Chase, Matt, Travis, Terry, Shawna….everyone made my holiday unforgettable. It was a pleasure spending time with you guys and getting to know you. You each inspire me so much to live my dreams.

    I started a new non profit organisation with my best friend, and we put on a concert in one of London’s most prestigious venues. We met some incredibly talented people who now are very dear friends. With that company, we have also started writing our musical, Intesa, which is a dream come true as well. We’ll work more on this is 2014, but I’m so proud of this show and the message it’s going to send to people. Then the Glee convention was a big high for me. I finally got to perform to my mentor and Telly Leung (broadway star) told me I should be on Broadway right now, which was just mind blowing. Had incredible feedback from some big inspirations of mine at G3 so that was amazing!

    Tanja and I wrote, produced and starred in our own web series which we’d wanted to do for a while. It was a unforgettable feeling, when people were watching our show and saying how much they enjoyed our writing. I’m so proud of us!

    I filmed a music video for my first original song, which was so much fun! To hear people singing to my song was just crazy! I got to take my beautiful niece to France and have a lovely holiday with her and my mum and brother. I released a song on itunes, that appeared in a successful web series starring Curt Mega, Eric Carroll, Matt Zimmerman, Chase Edmonsdon and Annie Sewell. I discovered my love of Batman, Froyo and ‘In and Out’ burgers (thanks Chase and Matt).

    Other memorable moments: I had the best Christmas in a long time. My Superhouse girls came to Mama and Papa Cox’s house and we had a Swedish Christmas, and it was perfect! Went to the Harry Potter studios with my parents and brother and it was one of the most magical days this year! Going to Wales with Tanja and Sam and Oscar. Seeing Spamalot dressed as knights. Seeing Book of Mormon on the opening night in London. Yes there have been very low points this year, but I think the high points have out weighed them massively. I’m truly very blessed and I love every single one of you who has made 2013 so memorable. Thank you.

    13 Sep 2013

    Ladies and gentlemen……my mentor…. :)

    Ladies and gentlemen……my mentor…. :)

    30 Aug 2013

    Said by an LA Talent scout to me:

    "So a Tony award winning Broadway star has told you (Idina Menzel) that you have an incredible voice, another broadway star has said you are very talented (Telly Leung), the cast of the biggest singing show on TV have told you (Curt Mega, Riker Lynch, Dominic Barnes, Eddy Martin), you were chosen to sing at the Grammy’s and I have told you you’re hugely talented. How many more people do you need to hear it from to start believing it?"

    Thing is, I listen to the haters rather than the people who KNOW what they’re talking about.

    29 Aug 2013


    A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little Mini Warbler - Abigail who’s 4 today!

    She has a birthday tweet from Curt to wake up to, so she’s gonna be one happy little girl tomorrow! (Curt is her imaginary friend too, if she’s off playing somewhere you’ll hear ‘Oh Curt, Darren is coming for tea so you can go and make the cakes ok?’ She’s adorable, and she lights up my life. So blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy, bubbly little niece. And her love for Glee and the Warblers is not solely my doing, honest LOL

    And now she’s 5!! How the heck has time gone so fast. My little warbler is growing up too quickly! She told me today she’d ‘better get a happy birthday from Curt or Dom’ haha!!

    19 Jul 2013

    Thank you Curt

    This is a personal post just for my good friend and mentor, Curt.

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    18 Jul 2013

    Surround yourself with positive people….

    This past weekend, more than ever, I have been reminded that all you need in life is to surround yourself with positivity and good friends and the rest will come.

    It’s been a tough weekend for Glee fans, with the passing of one of our stars (Cory Monteith who played Finn Hudson on the show). Finding out about this tragedy, whilst at a Glee convention was both a blessing and a curse. The bad side is that I felt there wasnt time to grieve on our own and really sink in what had happened. On the other hand, being with 200 people who all felt the same grief and had a chance to comfort each other without judgement was a special feeling. I have never witnessed such a showing of solidarity in my life and I think this weekend especially sums up just what being part of a fandom really means. Any fandom. Sure they fight, they ship but it boils down to a lot of people having the same interest, and when something happens, you have someone like minded to share the experience with. No judgement, just support and solidarity. When Telly Leung sat everyone down in a circle and spoke about Cory’s life, it was exactly what we needed. We laughed, we cried and just having that chat really helped put things into perspective.

    Now, hats off to the Warbler boys who were present at the convention. Even though they had to deal with the tragic news whilst they were in a foreign country, they really held their own. I’ve never seen so much professionalism and integrity as those boys displayed. They were obviously devastated at losing a colleague and friend, but they battled through that to be there for their fans and help them with the loss too. 

    I am just blown away by their dedication to their fans. They are a true inspiration to young actors all over the world. If I can be half as humble, professional and thoughtful as they are, then I will be proud.

    Thank you boys x

    17 Jul 2013

    Michelle Cox - G3 talent contest

    Here is the video of my performance from the glee convention talent contest. I changed the lyrics to a Spamalot song, so it was aimed towards the Warblers and their lack of screen time. We filmed the boys reactions and here’s the result.

    Warbler’s on the judging panel: Curt Mega, Dominic Barnes, Riker Lynch, Telly Leung and Eddy Martin.

    15 Jul 2013

    Love these crazy boys :) Curt likes our ship name a little too much I think haha #MegaCox Seriously so much respect for these guys even tho they lost a colleague and friend, they still pulled it out of the bag for the fans after our little vigil to Cory. We celebrated his life, rather than mourn the loss. Together it was beautiful.

    Love these crazy boys :) Curt likes our ship name a little too much I think haha #MegaCox 

    Seriously so much respect for these guys even tho they lost a colleague and friend, they still pulled it out of the bag for the fans after our little vigil to Cory. We celebrated his life, rather than mourn the loss. Together it was beautiful.

    14 Jul 2013

    We literally have the best bromance ship name EVER!#MegaCox - It’s actually one year to the day since we first met so we wished each other happy anniversary :D This guy has influenced me more than any other artist ever has. Inspiring, compassionate, dedicated. Love him :)

    We literally have the best bromance ship name EVER!

    #MegaCox - It’s actually one year to the day since we first met so we wished each other happy anniversary :D This guy has influenced me more than any other artist ever has. Inspiring, compassionate, dedicated. Love him :)

    29 Jun 2013

    Loving something “too” much…


    People will always belittle you or make fun of you for loving something “too” much or being super passionate about something… 
    but to that I say this: think about who’s really missing out.

    Love what you love and love it loudly. Don’t let people make you feel silly for being passionate. They are the ones who are missing out. 

    15 Apr 2013


    new Vlog vid: “Investing in… yourself”. Check it out :)

    This is the reason he is my mentor. I’ve never known such a rounded, intelligent, motivated individual. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is in the industry. Curt makes me want to be the best I can be and chase the things I want.

    Never stop believing. I’m proud to call this guy my friend.

    31 Mar 2013

    Finally got around to recording my own arrangement of the Kelly Clarkson song 'Dark Side'. I did a little collaboration with my friend Starkid Corner. It’s VERY different from the original and its the first time I’ve done a special arrangement for a cover so I’m anxious to see what you think?