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    4 Jan 2012

    Anything’s Possible

    "I am sitting here on the verge of tears just totally overwhelmed by all of this. I’m just, so amazed. There is a reason I admire Darren so much and it’s not just because he’s gorgeous and talented and charming and a beautiful person all round, he’s just. He’s so inspiring, because he’s living proof that ANYTHING is possible. Who would have thought, 4 years ago watching some goofy kid on youtube singing disney, that he’d be anything at all? Even when you’re talented, it’s so easy to just give up. It’s hard to make it, in anything, and when people are constantly tearing you down it only makes it harder still but Darren made it. Look at him, on a fucking broadway stage, look at him, on glee, playing a character that so many kids look up to. Look at all the lives he has changed and all the people he’s brought together. (Let us never forget that this, what we have, is all thanks to him)
    Darren is living proof, that it is possible. That you can do it. That random kid on youtube? That could be any of us. I’m not saying everyone here is destined for broadway, I certainly am not, but just. Never give up. Whatever your passion be it singing, acting, science, animals, baking, drawing, sports, or ANYTHING. Just know that nothing is impossible. You never know what could happen. And if you give up then you never will.
    Darren did it. So can I. So can you. Cause even though he pens like some kind of wizard or superhero or god, really he’s just a dumb human (like you).” - My friend Snaily

    This is everything I want to say about Darren and his amazing Broadway debut. So proud and inspired <3

    1. mins80 said: Oh Snaily. And here I thought I got the tears out of my system last night.
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